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Combining the values of Taxila with the western methods and celebrating the cultural diversity Orion'22 aims to travel the globe this time and explore new possibilities of organizing such a mega event and giving you the greatest experience of your life from the comfort of your home!


We are committed to offer a unique platform for the youth to showcase their talent and look forward to weaving show stopping performances with stars and artists who are all ready to light our hearts on fire with the embers of Friendship and the sweet grease of happiness and pure bliss. 


Orion 2022 will make sure to have a vibe that is worth your while!

After Movie

With the aim to redefine the experience of college fests, Orion'21 went on board it's first digital journey, pouring all our heart's excitement into our phones and laptops to organise this cultural extravaganza.


Putting together a virtual fest with over 30 events was no cake walk, but it is the people- who built it, the artists and stars who made our hearts sing and all the amazing people who came to make memories and share experiences that made it into the perfection we now remember it as.


"Life is about accepting the challenges, choosing to move forward and savor the journey"


Knock Knock ! That's what we do here in Orion !


Here is a glimpse into the best 7 days of Orion'21, the string of hazy images and videos that keep our hearts connected.


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