A manager is to an organisation what a

Honeybee is to a Beehive, instilling

purpose into their flights.

Like a honey bee that collects nectar, a

manager should also be equally skilful,

organised, resourceful, patient and

persistent. Those are just a few from

the list of must-haves for a manager.


MEHOOL SINGH  7840010988

CHARMI BAROT  7046768554


Prize Worth – Rs.4000/-


Rs. 150/-


30th Jan, 1st Feb, 2nd


3rd Feb

General Guidelines Rules:

  • Anyone is eligible who is above 18 years of age

  • No limit of students participation from one college

  • Individual students can only take part, no group pair allowed

  • The rounds will be conducted in an offline mode only

  • Participants are requested to submit their tasks before the deadlines

  • Rounds are purely individual based. Only in a few tasks/ activities groups will be formed in the breakout rooms.

  • Final decisions will be made by the judges