If you are a BBA, MBA or B-Tech

student then Modus Operandi is the

event for you to learn about

Operations and its nitty gritty in a fun

and exciting way. This event is to

bring out your potential as a

manager by testing your knowledge

about operations management and

related subjects. Gear up yourself!

The colosseum is set, this time



Harish Gupta 973086263

Aayushi Gupta 7895421013


Prize Worth :

6000 INR


₹199 per team   


30th Jan


1st Feb


  1. Any no. of teams can participate from one institute.

  2. The team can consist of MBA 1st and 2nd year, BBA all years and B Tech all years students from any college across India. Team members need not necessarily be from the same institution.

  3. Different games and rounds will be conducted on different online platforms.

  4. Contestants will be given time limits before the round start and are expected to submit before the deadline. Submissions of answer sets after the deadline will be rejected.