Do you think like an Entrepreneur?  

It's not the ideas, but the brains behind it, which makes all the Billion-dollar magic in business.  

At Mystic Mind 3.0 get to know if you have an Entrepreneur hidden in you.


Debraj Dawn: 8145444454


Prize Worth:

10000 INR


Individual: 150

Group: 200


31st Jan, 2nd Feb


4th Feb


  1. The participating team can consist of a maximum of 4 Members.

  2. The team can comprise participants from different institutes/organizations.

  3. Plagiarism, late submission or unavailability during presentation will lead to disqualification.

  4. Once the team’s abstract will be submitted, then, the candidates will go for the presentation round.

  5. And, after clearing the presentation round the candidates will have to present their prototype model. The prototype model can be presented in the online platform through showcasing their prototype model in their camera, or they can also present their prototype model in the software in which they have made their prototype model by presenting their screen.