Yoga Dance

A wise person once said “Yoga se he hoga!” and boy , was he right . Here at Yugkriti, get the chance to exhibit your flexibility while in tune with the music that connects your body , mind and soul .


Nishant Kumar 79032 18966

prize money

Prize Worth

2500 INR

registration fee

Solo - Rs 100

Duet - Rs 200


31st Jan


  1. The event will be conducted on Instagram.

  2. There will only be 1 round

  3. All participants must send a valid ID card of school/college.

  4. Registration should preferably be done prior to the event

  5. Clothing or actions that could be perceived as obscene, lewd, vulgar or plainly offensive is strictly prohibited.

  6. Participants are requested to ensure that they maintain the dignity and respect the heritage of yoga. Anyone who fails to do so shall be disqualified without any justifications.

  7. Negative marks for exceeding the time limit ( time limit 4 minutes)

  8. Decisions of judges will be final.

Judging Criteria

  1. Perfection of ASANAS

  2. Dynamism

  3. Expressions

  4. Maintaining the essence of the practice

  5. Creativity

  6. Clarity of message

  7. Team Coordination

Participation Criteria

  1. Participants need to clearly make their video; the video limit is 3-5 minutes.

  2. Then participants need to register for the contest by uploading the video to their respective Instagram handle and tag @orionfest and the judge Id, also sending the video to nishant.k2019bsy@srisriuniversity.edu.in, also send to our Instagram Id @orionfest.

  3. If participants have private account on instagram, they can make their account Public on the day of event or they can DM the screen recording to the @orionfest ID.

  4. Participants can start posting/sending the video by 10 am on 31/01/2021 till 6pm on 31/01/2021. After 6pm no video will be accepted.

  5. Participants need to follow all the above steps to mark their entry for the competition.

  6. There should be no editing in the footage and the video should be done in a single take.

  7. Participant’s face should be clearly visible in the video.